Guide to Barcelona

I traveled solo to Barcelona for 2 weeks as soon as I turned 18. Barcelona became one of my favorite European cities and I felt very safe at all times.

Before I start talking about the city, here are some things I learned from the locals:

The beaches in Barcelona are for ... tourists. More onward in this post you will see photos of both the Barcelona beach and the beaches 20-30 minutes outside of the city that are very easily accessible by train.Do not eat anything on the famous Las Ramblas. Those restaurants are tourist traps.  This is Las Ramblas. Public transportation strikes sometimes happen. At the very end of May 2017 there was a taxi strike, and during my stay there was a metro (subway) strike. The metro still ran, but instead of every couple of minutes, it was about every 15 minutes.Think twice about that summer day trip to Lloret de Mar. Upon my arrival to Barcelona, I had been researching day trips to do on the Costa Brava, and Lloret de Mar, a beach town about an hour north o…

Japan (Full tour! - cities, countryside, town, island, homestay)

Before I start off talking about my 7 day school trip to Japan, I must say, this is the safest and cleanest country I have ever been to. No matter where we went in Japan (big city, countryside, town, island), everywhere was so safe and so clean! Japanese people are also always smiling. The hospitality and kindness you will receive is like no other. This country is really one of a kind.

Days 1-3,  Tokyo
The view from my hotel room at the Shinagawa Prince Hotel.
The hotel even has karaoke rooms in the basement, which was a blast. After my school group had done karaoke, it was surprising to see that a group of Japanese businessmen in black suits and ties were after us in line.
Random but interesting thing to mention, but all of the toilets we encountered in Japan (whether in a hotel, shopping mall, or inside of a home) had seat heaters and could play music.

Dinner at one of the hotel's (Shinagawa Prince Hotel) restaurants. The raw fish was so good, that for the first time in my life, …